Advantage Chi Skill

Chi Skill is a consortium of three well established organizations which, together, combine multiple strengths to source, train (in India & Japan), send and deploy candidates from India to Japan under TITP.

We have a PAN-India network of offices, training centers and associates as well as set-up in Japan for seamless operations from talent scouting to, skilling, training, direct interactions with Japan based SVOs/ IAs, liaison for Government agencies in India and Japan as well as providing necessary support to candidates till they assimilate in the Japanese environment.


Talent Sourcing

Chi Skill has a pan-India network of offices and training centers for sourcing suitable manpower to work in Japan. We conduct workshops for mobilization, multi-stage screening and interviewing to induct only those candidates who can successfully work in Japan.



Based upon the skill requirement desired by the SVOs and IAs in Japan, we arrange/ provide suitable skill training or refresher training or up-skilling to candidates inducted by us.


Japanese Language Training

We have well established Japanese language Training Centers and qualified native and Japan-trained Instructors for systematically providing certified and accredited Japanese language trainings as required by Japan companies.


Culture Training

Realising the importance of inculcating Japan Culture sensibilities in the interns, Culture training is an integral part of Chi Skill’s offerings to candidates sourced by us.


Chi Skill Connections provide some unique benefits to Japanese companies availing our services

  • Professional Company
  • Provides highly motivated and skilled manpower at reasonable cost
  • Years of experience in dealing with the skilled talent
  • PAN India support Infrastructure in India
  • Conducting first level screening and interviews of all candidates
  • Complete Biometric Identification (aadhar) of all TITP interns as per Government regulations
  • In the process of establishing support structure in Japan
  • Making skilled resources with adequate Japanese language proficiency available for Japanese Companies

India is well known in Software Services, Connect Services in the world. A lesser known fact is about its skilled workforce in non-IT industry. The workforce is highly enthusiastic, enterprising, and hardworking, skilled/semiskilled, cost efficient resources who once placed in overseas environment have brought in excellent results. The Middle East and Gulf has more than 70% Indian work force.

Work in Japan