Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
3-1 さく井 Well drilling Percussion type well drilling operation
3-2 建築板⾦ Building sheet metal work Duct sheet metal operation
3-3 冷凍空気調和機器施⼯ Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing Freezing and air harmonizing equipment installation work
3-5 建築⼤⼯ Carpentry Carpentry construction work
3-8 とび S Scaffolding Scaffolding building work
3-10 タイル張り Tiling Tiling work
3-11 かわらぶき Tile roofing Tile-roofing work
3-12 左官 Plastering Plasterers work
3-13 配管 Plumbing Construction piping work
3-15 内装仕上げ施⼯ Interior finishing Plastic-material floor finishing construction work
3-17 防⽔施⼯ Waterproofing Sealing water-proof construction work

Food Manufacturing

Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
4-1 ⽸詰巻締 Can seaming for canned foods Can seaming for canned foods
4-8 パン製造 Bread Baking Bread baking work
4-9 そう菜製造業 Ready-made mealmanufacturing work Ready-made meal processing


Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
5-1 紡績運転 Spinning operation Pre-spinning work
5-2 織布運転 Weaving operation Sizing and warping work
5-3 染⾊ Dyeing Thread permeation dyeing work
5-4 ニット製品製造 Knit goods manufacturing Socks producing work
5-5 たて編ニット⽣地製造 Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing Warp knitting producing work
5-6 婦⼈⼦供服製造 Ladies’ and children’s dress making Sewing work of ready-made clothes for ladies and children
5-7 紳⼠服製造 Tailoring men’s suit making Sewing work of men’s ready-made clothes
5-8 下着類製造 Underwear manufacturing Underwear manufacturing operation
5-9 寝具製作 Bedclothes making Bedding products work
5-10 カーペット製造 Carpet manufacturing Woven carpet producing work
5-12 布はく縫製 Cloth sewing Dress-shirt producing work
5-13 座席シート縫製 Seat product sewing Car seat product sewing work

Machinery and Metals

Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
6-1 鋳造 Casting Casting iron and article operation
6-2 鍛造 Forging Hammer type forging operation
6-3 ダイカスト Die casting Hot chamber die-cast work
6-4 機械加⼯ Machining Lathe operation
6-5 ⾦属プレス加⼯ Metal press Metal press operation
6-6 鉄⼯ Iron work Steel processing operation for structure
6-7 ⼯場板⾦ Factory sheet metal work Machine sheet metal operation
6-8 めっき Electroplating Electric plating work
6-9 アルミニウム陽極酸化処理 Aluminum anodizing Anode oxidation treatment work
6-10 仕上げ Finishing Melting equipment finishing work
6-11 機械検査 Machine inspection Machine inspection work
6-12 機械保全 Machine maintenance Machine maintenance work
6-13 電⼦機器組⽴て Electronic equipment assembling Electronic devices assembling work
6-14 電気機器組⽴て Electric equipment assembling Spinning electric machine assembling work
6-15 プリント配線板製造 Print wiring board manufacturing Print distribution panel design

Care worker

Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
7-13 介護 Care worker Care worker


Codes コード 職種(⽇本語) Job Categories (English) Operations
7-2 印刷 Printing Off-set printing work
7-3 製本 Book binding Binding work
7-6 塗装 Painting Construction painting work
7-7 溶接 Welding Manual welding
7-8 ⼯業包装 Industrial packaging Industrial wrapping work
7-9 紙器·段ボール箱製造 Cartonbox and corrugated card board box making Printing box punching work
7-10 陶磁器⼯業製品製造 Industrial manufacturing of pottery Roller jigger forming work
7-11 ⾃動⾞整備 Automobile repair and maintenance Automobile repair and maintenance work
7-12 ビルクリーニング Building cleaning management Building cleaning management work
99-1 空港グランドハンドリング Airport ground handling Airport ground handling

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