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We Are?

Chi Skill Connections India Private Limited is a Company approved by Government of India and Government of Japan as a Sending Organisation for sending Interns to Japan under Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).

Chi Skill Connections India Private Limited, a JV between Calance Software, i25 RMCS, and Nihonkai, is offering services of identifying and providing talented technical interns to Japan,having adequate Japanese language skills.

Chiskills Connections

The basic credentials of the three partner companies of Chi Skill Connections are as follows:

Specialities / Members of Chi Skills Connections Calance Software i25 RMCS Nihonkai
Type of Organization IT Services, Skilling and Temporary Staffing Field Services Japanese Language and Culture Training
Experience 14 years of operations.Based at Delhi 10 years of operations Based at Bangalore 10 years of operations based at Delhi
Size 3500 - 4500 m INR 100-150 m INR 3-10 m INR
Type For profit Not for profit For Profit
Japanese Experience Serving Japanese companies like Isuzu, Suzuki, Honda and Kyoto in IT Promotors serving Japanese companies like Sumitomo Electric, Toyota, Pioneer,… Relationship with Japanese companies in training. Proprietor lived and studied in Japan
Approach - identification Identify the right talent who wish to improve their capabilities and
competence by working in Japan as Interns
  • • Individuals with domain experience
  • • Eager to learn and grow
  • • Talented and hard working persons
  • • Positive determination to live and assimilate herself/himself in Japanese environment
Areas Care worker (home and hospital), Construction, Food Manufacturing, Textile, Machinery and Metals
Training Japanese language proficiency as required by the Job

Our Projects

S.No. Name of Project Corporate Japanese Client Year of Implementation
1 Cisco Any Connect Update Yamaha Corporation of America 2018
2 Technical Services Yamaha Corporation of America 2017
3 Service Desk Contract Yamaha Corporation of America 2014
4 Security Operations Center (SOC) Suzuki Motor of America Inc. 2018
5 Network Managed Services Suzuki Motor of America Inc. 2018
6 Computer Operator Support Suzuki Motor of America Inc. 2018
7 Consulting Services Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development Inc. 2017
8 Senior Programmers Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development Inc. 2017
9 Project Manager Contingent Worker Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development Inc. 2018
10 Pass Migration Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. 2016
11 Application Design Kubota 2017
12 Deskside Support SOW Jim Newman Texa Kubota 2017
13 Data Center Services Isuzu 2017
14 Application Development Isuzu 2017
15 Supplies Equipment Honda 2013

Work in Japan